-Prophase communication: We communicate, coordinate and comfirm with customers on working site, then generate the operating procedures, the operation scheduling, the workflow, operation BOM(Allocation and tools) and SOP;
    -Before operating: Selected leader, task arrangement, personnel training, WO(Operation time, site, model, quantity, inspection contents, contact, operatives, operational efficiency, tools and jigs);
    -According to BOM, prepare tools, jigs, devices, consumables, labels, etc.

    -According to WO and BOM, prepare requisite files(Operation process chart, operation scheduling, NG list, etc.), operation form and check list;
    -Staff training, conduct on the basis of courseware, clear responsibility, clear operation process of products.
    -Operating: Arranging operators on site, training operation contents, marking products, dividing areas, preparing, debugging, checking jigs, process monitoring, checking on the basis of check list, counting operation data and case No..
    -NG recording and handling: Recording (Case No., cause of NG, type, position, specification, quantity), sorting and taking photos; 
    -Finish operating: Distinguish OK, NG, and unconfirmed products. Tidy and clear the site. Report statistics and give the report to superintendent.
    -Report making and sending: Operation statistics, confirm the NG pictures, and send the report to customers and superintendents.
    Before sorting, we will prepare some files, for example, products, model, specification, quantity, cause and inspecting contents, to ensure the quality of service;
    We will prepare SOP, operation scheduling, requirements, check list, etc.;
    Operators will be devided and trained before sorting;
    The operating data will be tidied, noted and confirmed, finally, we will give a feedback to you;
    After finishing operating, we will make report statistics, tidy and send daily report.


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