CCCThailand) is providing services of Sorting , Rework , Engineers monthly and Production outsourcing. 
    Complete file system , ensure that professional demand for company. Omnibearing management system , specialized management software , ensure that the various aquirments and job information of customers can be delivered and processed. Professional services , communicate various information,exceptions and reports. Professional engineers and system for quality control , ensure that the quality is stable and reliable in the whole process. Professional engineering and technical personnel to handle professional technical problems , assist customers to install commissioning and testing equipment , make and purchase accessibility to ols of necessary. A full range of training , professional trainers , systematical training files are keeping the group leader energetic. The group leaders and staffs , who have rich experience of field operation and management , can complete the work perfectly.

    If you need our services , please contact us , we can help you in Thailand. Full service , worry-free quality. 


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