-Prophase communication: We communicate, coordinate and comfirm with customers on working site, then generate the operating procedures, the operation scheduling, the workflow, operation BOM(Allocation and tools) and SOP;

    -Before operating: Selected leader, task arrangement, personnel training, WO(Operation time, site, model, quantity, inspection contents, contact, operatives, operational efficiency, tools and jigs);

    -According to BOM, prepare tools, jigs, devices, consumables, labels, etc.

    -According to WO and BOM, prepare requisite files(Operation process chart, operation scheduling, NG list, etc.), operation form and check list;

    -Staff training, conduct on the basis of courseware, clear responsibility, clear operation process of products.

    -Operating: Arranging operators on site, training operation contents, marking products, dividing areas, preparing, debugging, checking jigs, process monitoring, checking on the basis of check list, counting operation data and case No..

    -NG recording and handling: Recording (Case No., cause of NG, type, position, specification, quantity), sorting and taking photos;

    -Finish operating: Distinguish OK, NG, and unconfirmed products. Tidy and clear the site. Report statistics and give the report to superintendent.

    -Report making and sending: Operation statistics, confirm the NG pictures, and send the report to customers and superintendents.

    We provide services by efficient administration, fast response, and professional team;

    The whole operating process be controlled;

    Operators are trained strictly and have rich experience in the industry.


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